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War no more - original antiwar writers


Professor Cynthia Wachtell uncovers Melville, Twain, Hawthorne, Whitman, and others opposing war

Cynthia Wachtell - American antiwar writer
In War No More Cynthia Wachtell offers an important, new interpretation of American antiwar writing and reveals the shared antiwar impulse of some of the giants of American literature. Voicing their opposition to war's brutality, absurdity, inhumanity, and irrationality, these authors gained favor during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, as the implications of modern warfare became increasingly evident.
War No More is a landmark study, the most important work on war writing to have emerged in many years.

—John Stauffer, Chair of History of America Civilization and Professor of English at Harvard University

* 2011 Connecticut Book Awards - Finalist in non-fiction

* 2010 New England Book Festival - Honorable mention in non-fiction

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